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For some years the Circus gave premiere performances of their show on Church grounds for the benefit of the Parish.

The Parish acquired the property at Orange Avenue and Third Street in 1930, at a cost of ,500, the site of the present church. Their efforts finally resulted in the building of the present church.

During the depression years it became a survival effort merely to maintain the Parish. The first Mass was celebrated in the church on Easter Sunday 1941. The parish maintained a mission post at Venice, twenty miles south of Sarasota.

Sunday Mass was offered in the old Venice Theater starting in 1935.

Along with setting up Bible Study and Inquiry classes and other spiritually enriching programs, he supported under way.

Construction began the next year with Until the nineteen-twenties the Catholics in the area numbered 13 or 14 families.A number of Jesuits visited the still remote and pioneer region bringing the presence of the Church (infrequently but always welcome) to the Catholic community, celebrating Mass, administering sacraments, preaching, visiting the sick and bringing Christ closer to the lives of the often scattered Catholic families.


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    If we perceive our current life to have more good, we will also believe our future life to have more good.

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    Fred Trump, the second in a line of self-made magnates (his father, Friedrich, had earned his fortune in the Klondike gold rush, selling lodging, food, booze and possibly women to hordes of miners), was possessed of the singular family gift: He could see the future and beat everyone else to it."When the car was just coming out, houses had no garages," says Trump.

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    When page opens then you may scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your observing location, time, date, etc. Click on any area of the map to see an enlarged detailed view.

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    I am finally healthy enough to even consider dating again and so far it's been nice.

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