Dating in kerala cochin


Major sources of exports are and traditional like coir and cashew as well as marine products and manpower. Kerala has a very well established infrastructure with a total network of motor able roads of about 145,704 km.

In spices, pepper is the single most important product, with Kerala being the largest producer and exporter of black pepper. The total length of its National Highways is around 1524 km.

The culture of Malayalis has a flavor of its own, though it is a part of the Indian and Dravidian culture.

This has been the product of the peculiar geographical feature of Kerala.

In fact, Kerala has the highest physical Quality of Life Index too.

The age old wanderlust of the people of Kerala has taken them to virtually every nation on the face of this earth.



It is said to be the forerunner of oriental martial arts like kung-fu and karate.

Kerala has a total area of 38,863 sq km and has a population of 33,406,061 inhabitants.


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