Dating lioness profile

This is exactly why sites such as Tinder and Hinge have become so popular. You don’t need to be Ernest Hemingway to get her attention.

And before either of you wastes time crafting a single message you have both acknowledged that you are at least physically attracted to each other.

In this role you must be strategic about what you spend your time and energy doing because both are limited.

With limited time and energy, here is where the disconnect arises.

This is yet another reason why reading profiles doesn’t provide the benefit it might seem to.

Men and women for the most part, play very different roles when it comes to dating, online or offline. Like a hunter, men are out there looking for opportunity. Yes, there are those female lioness out there who do the same but they aren’t in the majority.

Single men are always trying to find someone to talk to, doing things to get her attentions, and trying to make themselves seem as desirable as possible to keeping her interest long enough to show value.

He might have read the profile but for whatever reason the answer he was looking for didn’t stand out to him or he forgot in the ten seconds between reading your profile and starting to write his message.

Also, some people have profiles so long and detailed, they could be turned into autobiographies.Generic messages can also be hard to recognize because a message might contain a question that you have already answered in your profile.


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