Sprung dating game walkthrough dating figured full services woman

01/16/05: Just making more progress on the Walkthrough for Becky's Story. 01/19/05: Completed the waitress version of the Walkthrough for Becky's Story. Item and Art Guides are updated, including a new Golden Line. I've beaten both Brett's Story and Becky's Story numerous times, and I'm currently up to 100% of items and 51/52 art. I'll try to add everything I've found into the FAQ as quickly as possible. Any time the branches in a scene lead to significantly different outcomes, I'll be sure to map them out. I may go back and add some detail on the less important branches if there's any interest.

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I saw there weren't many FAQs yet for Sprung, my favorite of the early batch of DS games.

I figured the game's style would lend itself well to a fairly straightforward walkthrough, and so I'm taking a shot at it.

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